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Pests of Apple :: Minor Pest :: European Red Mite


  1. 11 European red mite: Panonychus ulmi (Tetranychidae: Acarins)
    Distribution and status:  Though distributed widely in apple growing regions it is occasional pest


Severe mite infestations can cause bronzing of leaves. Damage is relatively less severe on wide leaf varieties such as Yellow Newton and more severe on narrow leaf varieties such as Red Delicious.




European red mites overwinter as eggs ; eggs hatch in spring when trees bloom. Overwintering eggs in roughened bark at bases of buds and spurs on smaller branches and twigs, or in wounds. Globular, red eggs with a slender stalk (stipe) are laid on leaves. Immature mites bright red, undergo three instars. Adults dark red with six to eight white spots at the base of hairs on the back.


Reduce dusty conditions within the orchard and keep the trees well irrigated.
Conserve predatory mites