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Pests of Apple :: Minor Pest :: Fruitfly


6. Fruit fly: Bactrocera zonatus (Tephritidae: Diptera)


Distribution and status: Widely distributed in Indian sub continent
Host range: Peach, fig, guava, ber, citrus, apple, cucurbits, tomato, brinjal and pear


Damage symptoms: Maggots feed on the fruits causing rotting and dropping of fruits.


Adult fly is small, reddish brown with yellowish cross band on the abdomen. It inserts 137 eggs/female white cylindrical eggs on the fruits in group of 2-9 and cover with resinous secretion. Egg period is 2-4 days and the maggot is dirty white, acephalic, apodous 1cm in length. Maggot period 4-16 days, pupation in soil and pupal period is 7 days.


Hoe the orchard in May – June to expose the pupae present in the soil.
Harvest the ripening fruits and do not let the ripe fruit remain in the tree.
Apply bait spray of yeast hydrolysate (250 g), crude sugar (2.5 kg) and malathion 50 EC (250 ml) in 250 L of water/ha.
Spray 3.125 L fenvalerate 20 EC in 1500 -2000 L of water/ha during severe infestation.