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Leaf crinkle disease - Urdbean leaf crinkle virus (ULCV)
Crinkling and rugosity in older leaves becomes severe and leaves thickened. Crinkling and curling of the tips of leaflets are seen. Petioles as well as internodes are shortened. Infected plant gives a stunted and bushy appearance. Flowering is delayed, inflorescence, if formed, are malformed with small size flower buds and fail to open.
              Casual organism of the disease is not yet ascertained work is in progress in different laboratories.
Disease Cycle
Presence of weed hosts like Aristolochia bracteataand Digera arvensis. Kharif season crop and continuous cropping of other legumes serve as source of inoculum. The virus is seed-borne and primary infection occurs through infected seeds. Perhaps white fly, Bemisia tabacihelps in the secondary spread. The virus is also sap transmissible.

  • Use increased seed rate (25 kg/ha).
  • Rogue out the diseased plants at weekly interval up to 45 days after sowing. Cultivate seed crop during rabi season.
  • Remove weed hosts periodically.
  • Spray Methyl demeton on 30 and 40 days after sowing at 500 ml/ha.