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Leaf spot - Cercospora canescens
            This is an important disease of green gram and is usually occurs in a severe form, causing heavy losses in yield. Spots produced are small, numerous in numbers with pale brown centre and reddish brown margin. Similar spots also occur on branches and pods. Under favourable environmental conditions, severe leaf spotting and defoliation occurs at the time of flowering and pod formation.
The fungus produces clusters of dark brown septate conidiophores. The conidia are linear, hyaline, thin walled and 5-6 septate.
Favourable conditions

  • High humidity favours disease development.

Disease cycle
The fungus survives on diseased plant debris and on seeds. The secondary spread is by air-borne conidia.

  • Cultivate resistant varieties.
  • Intercrop the moong with tall growing cereals and millets.
  • Follow clean cultivation.
  • Use disease free seed.
  • Maintain low crop population density and wide row planting.
  • The crude extracts of cassava, garlic, and zinger are applied for controlling the disease effectively.
  •  Mulching reduces the disease incidence resulting in increase yield.
  • Spray Mancozeb 2kg/ha or Carbendazim500 g/ha.