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Yellow mosaic disease - Mungbean yellow mosaic virus(MYMV)
            Initially small yellow patches or spots appear on green lamina of young leaves. Soon it develops into a characteristics bright yellow mosaic or golden yellow mosaic symptom. Yellow discoloration slowly increases and leaves turn completely yellow. Infected plants mature later and bear few flowers and pods. The pods are small and distorted. Early infection causes death of the plant before seed set.
It is caused by Mungbean yellow mosaic India virus (MYMIV) in Northen and Central region and Mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV) in western and southern regions. It is a Begomovirus belonging to the family geminiviridae. Germinate virus particles, ssDNA, bipartite genome with two gemonic components DNA-A and DNA-B.
Disease cycle
            Transmitted by whitefly, Bemisia tabaci under favourable conditions. Disease spreads by feeding of plants by viruliferous whiteflies. Summer sown crops are highly susceptible. Weed hosts viz., Croton sparsiflorus, Acalypha indica, Eclipta albaand other legume hosts serve as reservoir for inoculum.

  • Rogue out the diseased plants up to 40 days after sowing.
  • Remove the weed hosts periodically.
  • Increase the seed rate (25 kg/ha).
  • Grow resistant green gram variety like Pant Moong-3, Pusa Vishal, Basanti, ML-5, ML-337, PDM-54 and Samrat. 
  • Cultivate the crop during rabi season.
  • Follow mixed cropping by growing two rows of maize (60 x 30 cm) or sorghum (45 x 15 cm) or cumbu (45 x 15 cm) for every 15 rows of black gram or green gram.
  • Treat the seeds with Thiomethoxam-70WS or Imidacloprid-70WS @4g/kg
  • Spray Thiamethoxam-25WG @ 100g or Imidacloprid 17.8% SL @ 100 ml in 500 lit of water.