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5. Flushworm: (Tortricidae: Lepidoptera)
Damage symptoms : Caterpillar ties the margin of tender leaves and forms a case enclosing the bud. Affected leaves be­come rough, crinkled and leathery. Shoot growth is arrested when buds are damaged.
Bionomics :
Adult is a very small blackish brown moth. Eggs are pale yellow and laid singly on the under surface of mature leaves. Incubation period 4-5 days, larva brown, larval period 19-25 days pupal period  8 – 10 days. Pupation takes place on the petioles of outer most leaf.
Spray NSKE 5 % or endosulfan 35 EC or phosalone 50 EC or chlorpyriphos 20 EC or malathion 50 EC 1000 ml with 500 L water/ha.