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4. Sapling borer: Sahyadrassus malabaricus (Hepialidae: Lepidoptera)
Damage symptoms : Presence of chewed tissue at the col­lar region.The tunnel mouth is covered by a thick mat of bark, wood and  frass particles held together by silk (particle mat cover); sapling break off at the point of injury.
Bionomics : Adult moths hang vertically by the support of two pairs of legs. Third pair of legs is weak and has scent glands in male. Egg period 7-10 days, larval period 10 months, pupal period 3-5 weeks.
Management :

  • Clean the base of bush
  • Kill the hiding larvae by inserting a thick wire into the bore hole
  • Inject quinalphos 2 ml using a syringe or ink filler through the borer hole and plug with moist clay.