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PESTS OF COTTON :: Minor Pests :: Leaf Roller

9. Leaf roller: Sylepta derogata (Pyraustidae: Lepidoptera)


Distribution and status: Africa, Australia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Japan, Java & China. Minor pest


Host range: Cotton, bhendi, Abutilon indicum and other malvaceous plants.


Damage symptoms: Young larvae feed on epidermis on the under surface for two days later rolls the leaf in the form of trumpets and remains inside. More than one larva can be seen inside the roll. It is fastened by silken threads on marginal portion. In severe cases, defoliation occurs.


Bionomics: Egg period: 2-4days, green round. 250-300 eggs/female laid on the ventral surface of the leaves. Larva:2- 3 weeks, glistening green with dark head. Pupa: 6-12 days. Pupates within the roll or ground or fallen leaf. Adult is a medium sized cream coloured moth with wavy markings. 




  • Collect and destroy the rolled leaves.
  • Spray carbaryl 50 WP 2 Kg or phasolone 2.5 L in 1000 L of water/ha.