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1. Prominent horn is present in which sex of adult rhinoceros beetle ?

2. ------------------  fungus used to control rhinoceros beetle  - Metarhizium anisopliae

3. Central spindle appears cut or toppled in coconut  is a symptom of -------------------- 

Rhinoceros beetle   

4. Conspicuous long snout with tuft of hairs in males is seen in  -   Red palm weevil

5. -------------- is an aggregation pheromone used for  control of red palm weevil   - Ferrolure

6. --------------- is the  scientific name of coconut black hairy caterpillar   -Opisinia arenosella

7.Dried up patches on leaflets of the lower leaves of coconut is symptom of

a.pineapple b. sugarcane c. arecanut d. all the above

8.Alternate host of Oryctes rhinoceros ___________

a.Black headed caterpillar b. Black headed caterpillar c. Rhinoceros beetle d. Red palm weevil

9. Root feeding technique is followed to control following pest

10. Scientific name of slug caterpillar is -------------- Parasa lepida

11. Site of oviposition for white grub is

12. Brown color patches, longitudinal fissures and splits on outer surface of the coconut husk is due to

a.Curculionidae b. Eriophyid mite c. Rhinoceros beetle d. Black headed caterpillar

13. Scientific name of eriophyid mite is

a.Rhynchophorus ferrugineus b.Oryctes rhinoceros c. Opisina arenosella d. Aceria guerreronis

14. Opisina arenosella belongs to ________ family

a.Curculionidae b. Cryptophasidae c. Scarabaeidae d. Arctiidae

15. Eriophyid mite attained major pest status in the year -1998

16. _____________ is a predator of Rhinoceros beetle Platymeris laevicollis

17. Female of rhinoceros beetle lays eggs in _____________(manure pits or decaying vegetable matter) to a depth of __________
(5-15 cm)

18. _________ stage of rhinocesos beetle does the damage to coconut fronds (Adult)

19. Holes on the trunk with brownish ooze is a symptom caused by __________ (Red palm weevil)

20. _____________ damage is more pronounced in the coastal region (black headed caterpillar)