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6. Slug caterpillar: Parasa lepida, Contheyla rotunda  (Cochlidiidae: Lepidoptera)

Damage symptoms: Defoliation, leaving only the midrib and veins.


Bionomics: Flat shiny eggs are laid on the under surface of leaves in batches of 20-30, egg period  6-7 days. Larva: Larval period is about 42 days and it has greenish body with white lines and four rows of spiny scoli tipped red or black, which cause irritation and pain. It pupates in a compact elliptical chocolate brown shell like cocoon, which is convex above and flat below.  Cocoons are covered with irritating spines and hairs; pupal period 21 days. Adult moth has green wings with prominent dark patch at the base of each forewing.


C. rotunda: Larva black or grey dorsally and dorso-laterally.  Adult is a small greyish brown moth.  Forewings are slight dark in colour with series of black points; hind wings slightly darker.


Management: Spray endosulfan 2.0 L in 1000 L of water per ha