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3. Black headed caterpillar: Opisina arenosella (Cryptophasidae: Lepidoptera)

Distribution and status: All over Peninsular India (East and West Coasts)


Damage symptoms: Dried up patches on leaflets of the lower leaves. Galleries of silk and frass on underside of leaflets.

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         Greyish white small moth lays about 180 eggs in groups on leaves. Egg period is 5 days. Greenish brown larva with dark brown head and prothorax, and a reddish mesothorax.Larval period 40 days, pupal period 12 days. It pupates inside the web in a thin silken cocoon.


  • Cutting and burning all the infested leaves and fronds. Click to View Video
  • In small plantations, carbaryl 50 WP 2 g/L may be sprayed.
  • In summer, release bethylids, braconid and eulophid parasitoids from January at 1:1:10 per tree.
  • Root feeding with monocrotophos @ 10 ml + 10 ml water with a waiting period of 45 days after root feeding.
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