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PESTS OF PULSES - RED GRAM & CHICKPEA :: Minor Pests :: Blister Beetle

11. Blister beetle:  Mylabris pustulata (Meloidae: Coleoptera)


Distribution and status: Throughout India

Damage symptoms:
The adult feeds voraciously on buds and flowers.  A single beetle can destroy as many as 20-30 flowers/day.


Bionomics: The eggs are laid by female beetle in clusters of 60-80 eggs at 2-3 cm depth in soil. Eggs are light yellowish in colour and cylindrical in shape. Incubation period is about three weeks.  Young grubs are white in colour.  It pupates inside the soil tunnel.

    A- Adult,  E – Egg ,T – Triungulin or first instar, FG – first grub phase C- Coarctate phase in instar six/seven, SG- second grub phase, P - pupa