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PESTS OF PULSES - RED GRAM & CHICKPEA :: Major Pests :: Spotted Pod Borer

5. Spotted pod borer: Maruca testulalis (Pyraustidae: Lepidoptera)


Distribution and status: Tropical and sub tropical regions of the world.

Host range: Beans, peas, castor, groundnut, cowpea, rice, sesame, soybean, tobacco, daincha, sugarcane, redgram, lablab, niger, greengram and blackgram.

Damage symptoms:
The larva bores the buds, flowers or pods; infested pods and flowers are webbed together.  The larva feeds on seeds.  The assessment of damage in pigeonpea pods has shown that 5-20% pods may get affected depending upon the locality, month and variety.

Bionomics: Female lays eggs singly on flowers, buds or pods.  After hatching larva bores buds or pods and feed on seeds.  The full-grown larva is 20 mm in length.  It pupates in the dry leaves (or) debris.



    • Grow resistant cultivars like ICPL 98001, ICPL 98003, ICPL 98008, ICPL 9804
    • Conserve larval parasitoids Bracon lebetor
    • Chemicalcontrol measures are the same as redgram pod borer