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PESTS OF PULSES - RED GRAM & CHICKPEA :: Major Pests :: Plume Moth

4. Plume moth:  Exelastis atomosa (Pterophoridae: Lepidoptera)


Distribution and status:  India, Nepal and New Guinea
Host range:  Red gram, lablab, niger and horse gram
Damage symptoms

            The tiny larva bores into unopened buds, flowers and tender parts. 5-20% pods are damaged.

Bionomics: Adult is delicate, brown coloured small moth with plumed wings.  Eggs are laid on flower buds and tender pods.  Egg period is 4 days.  Larva is greenish brown, 10 mm in length densely packed with short hairs and spines.  Larval period is 14-30 days.  It pupates on the pods itself.  Pupal period is 4-8 days.

1. Egg on redgram pod, 2. Magnified egg, 3. Larva, 4. details of larva, 5. Pupa, 6, 7. Moths


    • Conserve Larval parasitoids, Apanteles paludicolae, Diadegma sp.,
    • Chemicalcontrol measures are the same as redgram pod borer.