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Pests of Guava :: Major Pests :: Tea Mosquito Bug


1. Tea mosquito bug: Helopeltis antonii (Miridae: Hemiptera)


Distribution and status: Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu
Host range: Guava, cashew, tea, moringa, neem and others


Damage symptoms

Adults and nymphs feed on petioles tender shoots and leaf veins causing necrotic lesions, coalesce to form patches. On foliage, brownish-black necrotic patches appear and resin exudes from feeding punctures.  Blisters and scales / rusty corky growth /scab formation  on fruits, widespread drying of shoots, inflorescence and flowers and shedding of fruits is witnessed.



Female inserts 32 eggs into epidermis of tender shoot, axis of inflorescence and tender fruits, egg period 7-8 days, eggs elongated and slightly curved with a pair of filaments. Nymphal period 14-16 days. Life cycle completed in 22-25 days.



    • Undertake pruning to regulate the shade to facilitate proper penetration of sunlight inside the canopy.
    • Monocrotophos 36 WSC @ 2.5 L in 1500 – 2000 L water per ha at new flush formation.
    • Spray endosulfan 35 EC or carbaryl 50 WP @ 2.5 kg in 1500 – 2000 L water per ha + Urea 3% at flower initiation again at fruiting time.