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13. Citrus scale: Aonidiella aurantii (Diaspididae: Hemiptera)


Scale insects feed on plant juice and devitalize the plants; they inject a toxic substance into the plant sap. Yellow spots appear at the point of feeding and in severe cases all the leaves turn pale. Scales are 2 mm in diameter with a distinct central exuviae.



    • Conserve natural enemies viz., Chilocorus nigritus and Scymnus sp
    • Spray 3.0 L dimethoate 30 EC or 1.5  L  monocrotophos 36 SL or 2.5 L  methyl demeton 25 EC or 250 ml of imidacloprid 200 SL in 1500-2000 L of water per ha during March and again in september.