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Pests of Citrus :: Major Pests::Shoot psyllid


1. Shoot psyllid: Diaphorina citri (Psyllidae: Hemiptera)

Distribution and Status: America, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia and China

Host range: Citrus, certain deciduous plants and families of rutaceae.
Damage symptoms

Both nymphs and adults suck cell sap from leaves, which curl up, dry and fall off.



Female lays 200 eggs singly on the underside of soft young leaves, egg period 7-10 days, Nymph pale yellow, with purple eyes and marginally fringed with bristles, nymphal period 25-71 days. Pupa broad oval, pale yellow with an orange yellow band in the middle of body. Adult minute with long wings that extend beyond tip of abdomen, wings and body covered with a white waxy powder.



    • Prune the affected trees and dried shoots.
    • Conserve natural enemies like parasitois Tetrastichus radiates and predators like Coccinella septumpunctata, C rependa, Chilomenes sexmaculata, Chilocorus nigritus, Brumus suturalis, Chrysoperla carnea.
    • Spray any of the insecticides viz., NSKE 5 %, neem oil 10  L,  dimethoate 30 EC 3.0 L, of monocrotophos 36 SL 1.5  L, methyl demeton 25 EC 2.5 L, quinalphos 25 EC 1.0 L, imidacloprid 200 SL 250 ml in 1500-2000 L of water per ha during March and again in September.