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Sugarcane Sap and Foliage Feeders :: Major Pests :: Scale Insects


4. Scale insects: Melanaspis glomerata (Diaspididae: Hemiptera)
They develop as dark encrustations on the internode. Females multiply ovo-viviparously. Nymphs hatch out from the eggs within the female’s body and come out through the genital aperture. They are called ‘crawlers’. They settle after selecting suitable site for feeding. Adults become greyish black or brown circular scales and cover the nodal region forming a thick encrustation



  • Use resistant varieties like CoC 671, Co 8014, Co 6217, Co 1132, Co 611, Co 6907
  • Select scale insect free setts for planting
  • Keep the bunds free from weeds
  • Avoid repeated ratoons
  • Presoak the setts in 0.1% malathion solution
  • Avoid water stagnation
  • Predators: Chilocorus nigritus, Pharoscymnus horni
Spray dimethoate 30 EC or methyl demeton 25 EC 750 ml 1000 L water/ ha at 120 and 150 days after planting after detrashing.