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Sugarcane Sap and Foliage Feeders :: Major Pests :: Whiteflies


1. Whiteflies
a)  Aleurolobus barodensis (Aleyrodidae: Hemiptera)

Damage symptoms
Leaves, turn pinkish and gradually dry later. Infested leaves look white, while those below are black due to the growth of sooty mould on the honeydew.

The female lays 60 - 65 creamy white conical eggs and are glued to the surface of the leaves. Egg period 8 - 10 days. Neonate nymphs are pale yellow, flat and oval, later turn shiny black. Its body surrounded by fringes of wax. Nymphal period 25 - 30 days. Pupal period 10-111 days. Adult is pale yellow with hyaline wings dusted with waxy bloom, exhibit brisk fluttering movements.  The adult live only for about 24-48 hours. The insect completes 9 generations in a year.
b)Neomaskellia bergii, Neomaskellia andropogonis (Aleyrodidae: Hemiptera)
Black, grey or white dot like pupae on the undersurface of leaves. Nymph oval in shape and brownish. Their bodies are surrounded by white wax. Pale brown adult  has black bands on wings. 


    • Avoid excessive use of nitrogenous fertilizers
    • Conserve nymphal parasitoids viz., Azotus delhiensis, Encarsia isacci
    • Encourage predators viz., Chilocorus nigritus,Scymnus nubilus
    • Spray Moncrotohphos 36 SL 2 L /ha