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Pests of Sugarcane :: Major Pests :: Internode Borer


2. Internode borer: Chilo sacchariphagus indicus (Crambidae: Lepidoptera)
Distribution and status: India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
Host range: Pearl millet, rice and sorghum
Damage symptoms
Internodes constricted and shortened, with a number of boreholes and fresh excreta in the nodal region. Affected tissues become reddened.


Larva: White with four violet longitudinal stripes and light brown head. Adult: Pale brown with white hind wings. 


    • Avoid use of excessive nitrogen fertilizers
    • Release egg parasitoid: Trichogramma chilonis @ 2.5 m.l / ha – 6 releases – 4th   month onwards at 15 days intervals
    • Release larval parasitoids: Stenobracon deesae,  Apanteles flavipes,
    • Release pupal parasitoids: Tetrastichus ayyari, Trichospilus diatraeaeApply carbofuran 3G granules to soil @ 30/kg per hectare, if damage is severe.
    • If the damage is acute, apply carbofuran 3 G 30 kg /ha