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PESTS OF CASTOR :: Major Pests :: Hairy Caterpiller -1

4.  Hairy caterpillar: Euproctis fraterna (Lymantriidae: Lepidoptera)


Distribution and status:  India


Host range: Castor, linseed, groundnut pigeonpea, grapevine, cotton, pomegranate, mango, coffee, pear and rose


Damage symptoms: Defoliation is the main symptom.  The pest is active throughout the year but its activity is reduced in winter. 


Bionomics: The adult moth is yellowish with pale transverse lines on fore wings.  It lays egg in groups on lower surface of the leaves.  The egg period is 4-10 days.  The caterpillar possesses red head with white hairs around and a long tuft and a reddish brown body with hairs arising on warts and a long pre- anal tuft.  There are six larval instars.  The larval periods last for 13-29 days.  It pupates in a silken cocoon in leaf folds for 9-25 days.  The larva over-winters during winter season.




    • Release larval parasitoids viz., Helicospilus merdarius, H. horsefieldi, Apanteles sp., Disophrys sp.
    • Dust the infested crop with  parathion 2 D @ 20-25 kg per ha or  malathion 5 D 25-30 kg/ha (or) carbaryl 10 D @ 20 kg/ha.