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PESTS OF PULSES :: Major Pests :: Leaf Webber

7. Leaf webber: Eucosma critica (Eucosmidae: Lepidoptera)

Distribution and status: Widely distributed in India.

Host range:
Red gram and other pulses.

Damage symptoms: The damage is caused by the larvae, which bores into the tender shoots of folded leaves and feed from within.  Since the terminal leaves get spun together growing tip is damaged.  The growth of the main shoot is affected.


Bionomics: The small and dark brown moth lays eggs singly or in rows on leaves, petioles (or) stems.  The grooves or depressions are preferred for egg laying.  Around 80-100 eggs are laid by one female.  The incubation period lasts for 3-4 days.  Larval period is about 14-21 days and pupal period 4-6 days.  Pupation occurs within the folded buds, flowers or pods in a silken cocoon.


Management: Spray the infested crop with endosulfan 35 EC 2.0 L in 700 L water per hectare.