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PESTS OF PULSES :: Major Pests :: Green Leafhopper

4. Green leafhopper: Empoasca kerri, E. binotata, E.flavescens (Cicadellidae: Hemiptera)

Host plants: Greengram, blackgram, cowpea

Damage symptoms: The nymphs and adults feed on tender leaves and other parts of the plant by sucking the plant sap.  In cases of severe attack, leaves become brittle and dry.  Characteristics hopper burn i.e cupping of leaves appear. The plant may lose its vigour resulting in poor growth.

Elongate, active wedge shaped green insects found on the under surface of leaves. The female inserts its eggs inside the veins of leaves.  The incubation period lasts for 4-8 days.  There are five nymphal instars occupying 7-10 days.


Management: Spray the infested crop with methyl-o- demeton 750 ml in 700 - 1000 L water per hectare