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PESTS OF RICE :: Major Pests :: White Backed Plant Hopper

4. White backed plant hopper: Sogatella furcifera (Delphacidae: Hemiptera)

Distribution and status: India, Burma, Sri Lanka, China, Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia, Korea  

Host range:
Rice, maize, millets, sugarcane, grasses

Damage symptoms:
Both nymphs and adults suck the sap and cause stunted growth and “Hopper Burn” leading to yield loss.  “Hopper burn” is caused in irregular patches. Nymph falls on water keeping its legs stretched. 


Bionomics: In white nymphs, vertex characteristically gives a narrow face to the hoppers. Forewings hyaline with dark veins and a dark spot in the middle of posterior edge.  Pronotum pale yellow and adults possess a diamond like marking on the thorax.  The female lays upto 758 eggs in as many as 112 egg masses with 1-24 eggs in each in leaf sheath and in the mid rib of leaves.  The ovipositional site characterized by black streaks.  Egg period 6-7 days; nymphal period 12-17 days with five instars.  The feamle longevity about 2 months.


    • Same as given for BPH.
    • Use resistant varieties like AR 133, IC 25687, Tangner, Amelbero, HKR-10, HKR-126, IET 8116