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PESTS OF RICE :: Major Pests :: Thrips


1. Thrips: Stenchaetothrips biformis (Thripidae: Thysanoptera)
Distribution and status: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Minor but has potential to become major.

Host range: Echinochloa sp.

Damage symptoms: Both nymphs and adults lacerate the tender leaves and suck the plant sap, causing yellow or silvery streaks on the leaves of young seedlings.  Terminal rolling and drying of leaves from tip to base is the typical symptom of attack.  It causes damage both in nursery and main field.

Leaf curling caused by Rice Thrips (IRRI)

ETL: 60 Nos. per 12 wet hand sweeps in nursery.
Bionomics: Adults dark brown, female inserts the eggs singly within the leaf tissues in young leaves.  Egg period 3-5 days, life cycle completed in 13-19 days.





  • Spray endosulfan 35 EC 80 ml or monocrotophos 36 WSC 40 ml/800 m2 nursery.
  • Spray Endosulfan 35 EC 1.0 L or Monocrotophos 36 WSC 1.0 L or Azadirachtin 0.15% w/w 1.5-2.5 L or Lambda-Cyhalothrin 2.5 EC 500 ml or Lambda-Cyhalothrin 5 EC 250 ml in 500 L water/ha
  • Grow resistant cultivars like PTB 12, PTB 20, PT 321, H 4