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Collar rot - Sclerotium rolfsii
It comes in the early stages i.e up to six weeks from sowing. Drying plants whose foliage turns slightly yellow before death, scattered in the field is an indication of the disease. Seedlings become chlorotic. The joint of stem and root turns soft slightly contracts and begins to decay. Infected parts turn brown white. Black dots, like mustard in shape known as sclerotia are seen appearing on the white infected plant parts.


Favorable conditions

  • High soil moisture, low soil pH and high temperature.
  • The presence of undecomposed organic matter on the soil surface and high moisture at the time of sowing and at the seedling stage
  • ¬†Disease incidence is higher when sown after rice or early sown crop.


  • Deep pluoghing in summer.
  • Avoid high moisture at the sowing time.
  • Seedlings should be protected from excessive moisture.
  • Destroy the crop residues of last crop and weeds before sowing and after harvest.
  • All undecomposed matter should be removed from the field before land preparation.
  • Treat the seeds with a mixture of Carbendazim + Thiram (1:1)¬† @ 2g per kg of seed.