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Rhizome Rot - Pythium graminicolum
Starting from the margins the leaves get dried up, collar region of pseudo stem becomes soft and water-soaked and plants collapse. The rhizomes decay as a result of the attack of the fungus.




Disease cycle
Pathogen is soil-borne, therefore primary inoculam comes from soil. Infected rhizomes used for seed purpose may also transmit the disease. Irrigation water from diseased field helps in the spread of the disease.

  • Seed material should be selected from disease free areas.
  • Avoid water stagnation in the field. Light soil may be preferred and drainage facility to be ensured.
  • Grow tolerant varieties like Suguna and Sudarshan.
  • Crop rotation to be followed.
  • Deep plough in summer. Planting is to be done in ridge and furrow method.
  • Remove diseased plants and the soil around plants to be drenced with Mancozeb (3gm/lit) or 3gm Ridomil M.Z.
  • Spray the crop with Mancozeb (2.5g/lit) or Carbendazim (1g/lit) +1ml sandovit.
  • Keep rhizomes in 3g Metalaxyl or 3g Mancozeb mixed in one litre of water for one hour and shade dry before planting.