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2. Rhizome scale: Aspidiotus hartii (Diaspididae: Hemiptera)
Distribution and status: India, West Africa and West Indies
Host range: Turmeric and ginger
Damage symptoms : Both nymphs and adults infest rhizomes both in field and storage. The infested plants become weak, pale and withered in the field that results in shrivelling of rhizomes and buds.
Bionomics : Scales are minute, circular, light brownish to grey with a thin pale membrane. It reproduces either ovovivparously or parthenogenetically Female lays about 100 oval, yellowish eggs under the scale. Egg period one day, nymphal period 30 days. Adult is yellow to deep yellow in colour.


Aspidiotus harti


  1. Apply well rotten sheep manure / poultry manure in two splits @ 10 tons/ha, first before planting and the second at the time of earthing up.
  2. Drench soil with dimethoate 30 EC or phosalone 35 EC @ 2 ml/L of water
  3. Soak seed rhizomes, in insecticide solution of either dimethoate 30 EC or phosalone 1.5 ml/L or monocrotophos 36 WSC 1.5 ml/L or dichlorvos 0.5 ml/L for 15 min. for storing.