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6. Sphinx caterpillar: Agrius convolvuli (Sphingidae: Lepidoptera)
Distribution and status
It is commonly called as hornworm or giant hawk moth. It is widely distributed from Europe, Africa, Iran, Indian sub-continent, South-East Asia, South-China, Australia and New Zealand. It is of minor importance
Host range
It is a polyphagous pest attacking a number of crops including fruit trees, legumes, vegetables, etc.
It is active during monsoon season. Moths are stout, pale grey in colour having pale grey wings with transverse violet bands on abdomen. Females lay conspicuous seed-like shiny eggs singly on the tender parts of plant.
Eggs are sub-spherical in shape. Full-grown caterpillars are robust, green to dark brown in colour with reddish patches on sides and a curved horn like process at the anal end. Caterpillars feed voraciously on leaves and defoliate the vines. Pupae are reddish-brown in colour and pupation takes place in soil. Incubation, larval and pupal stages last for 5-10, 14-21, 7-11 days respectively. A complete life cycle occupies 4 to 5 weeks.

Agrius convolvuli


No specific control measures are required.