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Pests of Grapes :: Major Pests :: Grapevine Stem Girdler


1. Grapevine stem girdler:  Sthenias grisator (Cerambycidae: Coleoptera)


Distribution and status: Widely distributed in grapevine growing areas of India and Sri Lanka.
Host range: Rose-bushes, mulberry, garden shrubs, creepers, crotons, mango, almond, jack-fruit, bougainvillea and Indian ash-tree.


Damage symptoms

Grub bores into the bark and tunnels into the dry wood resulting in wilting of branches and then the entire vine. They cut the bark in a circular ring like fashion (girdling) which leads to the drying of the region above the cut.   



Oval eggs enveloped in a white parchment like covering deposited in clusters of 2-4, underneath loose bark of girdled branches hatch in 8 days. Grub with dark brown head, a pair of prominent mandibles and globular thorax with chitinous spines on top. Grub pupates within the tunnel. Adults are medium-sized, grey coloured with a white spot at the center of each elytron, active at night.  Single generation takes more than one year to complete.


Prune attacked branches below the girdling point and destroy the beetles.
Spray vines with monocrotophos 36 SL 1.0 L or carbaryl 50 WP 1.0 kg in 500 - 1000 L of water per ha.