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Pests of Sapota :: Major Pests :: Bud Worm


2.  Bud worm:  Anarsia ephippias (Gelechiidae: Lepidoptera)

Distribution and status: Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka


Damage symptoms

Floral buds and flowers webbed together by larvae and shed.



Female lays 50 -60 eggs in axils of the tender leaves, singly or in batches of 10-20, egg period 3 days. Larva is small, slender, pinkish brown in colour with black head and yellowish brown thoracic shield, larval period 14-16 days. Larvae pupate into the floral webbings, pupal period 7-10 days. Adult moth is grey coloured with black patches on wings.  Life cycle completed in 24-29 days.



    •  Spray endosulfan 35 EC or phasalone 35 EC  3 L in  1500 – 2000 L water per ha