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Pests of Pomegranate :: Major Pests :: Anar Butterfly/Fruit Borer


1. Anar butterfly / Fruit borer: Virachola (Duodorix) isocrates, Rapala varuna (Lycaenidae: Lepidoptera)


Distribution and status: All over India.
Host range: Aonla, apple, ber, citrus, guava, litchi, loquat, peach, mulberry, pear, sapota, tamarind.


Damage symptoms

Larvae bore inside the developing fruits and feed on pulp and seeds just before the rind exhibiting round bore holes on fruit.  Infested fruits are also attacked by bacteria and fungi, which ultimately fall off and give an offensive smell.



Shiny, white, oval shaped eggs laid singly on calyx of flowers and on tender fruits. Egg period 7-10 days, larval period 18-47 days.  Caterpillar, dark brown, having short hairs and white patches all over the body. Larvae pupates inside fruit but occasionally outside even, attaching themselves to stalk of fruits, pupal period 7-34 days. Male glossy, bluish violet, female brownish violet with an orange patch on forewings. Four generations completed in a year