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Pests of Mango :: Major Pests :: Mango Hoppers


1. Mango hoppers: Idioscopus niveosparus, I. clypealis, Amritodus atkinsoni (Cicadellidae : Hemiptera) 


Distribution and status:

India, Indonesia, Formosa, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Srilanka, Burma, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malaysia. Major pest prevalent in the flowering season and devastating in all mango growing areas.

Host range: Mango


Damage symptoms: Both nymphs and adults suck the sap from tender shoots and inflorescence resulting in withering and shedding of flower buds and also wilting and drying of shoots and leaves.

  • The flower stalks and leaves in infested trees become sticky due to the deposition of honey-dew secreted by the hoppers that encourages the growth of black sooty mould on foliage and other parts.
  • The hoppers take shelter in cracks and crevices on the bark during non-flowering season.


Bionomics: Eggs are laid in single into the tissues of the young leaves, shoots, flower stalk and unopened flowers. Incubation period: 4-7 days. Nymphal period: 8-13 days, 5 instars.  Life cycle completed in 2-3 weeks.


I. niveosparsus

I. clypealis

A. atkinsoni

Three spots on scutellum and white band across the wing

Two spots on scutellum and dark spot on the vertex

Two spots on scutellum



Avoid close planting, as the incidence very severe in overcrowded orchards

  • Orchards must be kept clean by ploughing and removal of weeds
  • Pruning of dense canopy to facilitate aeration and sunlight
  • Avoid excess use of nitrogenous fertilizers
  • Spray  dimethoate 30 EC or moncrotophos 36 SL 2.5-3.3 L , methyldemeton 25 EC or  malathion 50 EC 1.5 -2.0 L in 1500 – 2000 L of water per ha or  acephate 75 SP @ 1 g/L, phosalone 35 EC @1.5 ml/L, or new molecules like buprofezin 25 SC 1-2ml/L of water or imidacloprid 17.8 SL 2-4ml/tree or  lambda cyhalothrin 5 EC 0.5-1.0ml/L of water at 10 -15 L of water per tree
  • Neem oil 5 ml/lit of water can be mixed with any insecticide for spray
  • Spray 3 per cent neem oil or neem seed kernel powder extract 5 per cent