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Tobacco :: Minor pests:: Spotted Leaf beetle

17. Mole cricket: Gryllotalpa africana (Gryllotalpidae :Orthoptera)
Young plants uprooted and roots eaten away filled with galleries of the earth. Brownish to blackish brown; forelegs fossorial.
Refer groundnut.

Note: Use and use not insecticides in tobacco as given below

Pesticides to use                                              Pesticides not to be used

Imidacloprid                                                      Monocrotophos
Thiamethoxam                                                   Dimethoate
Emamectin benzoate                                         Quinalphos
Neem seed kernel suspension                            Phosphomidon
Pongamia cake powder                                      DDT, methyl demeton
Neem cake powder                                            BHC or lindane
Nuclear polyhedrosis virus solution            
B t var. kurstaki