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PESTS OF SUNFLOWER :: Major Pests :: Semi Looper

5. Semi looper - Trichoplusia ni (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)

Damage symptoms: Leaves are with holes and severe damage results in skeletonization and defoliation.

Adult is a stout moth, head and thorax grey in color with basal tufts ferruginous, grey wavy forewings with a slender mark.  Larva is slender, attenuated anteriorly and green in colour with light wavy lines and broad lateral strip on either side.

Egg & Larva
Pupal Stage



  1. Hand-pick and destroy caterpillars.
  2. Use light trap to attract and kill adults.
  3. Spray quinolphos or endosulfan 1.0 L 2 500L of water/ha.