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About the Project:

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University initiated E-learning in teaching as an attempt to improve the learning process, encourage knowledge transfer and compliment their existing learning environment. For a vast country like ours, with a large population, limited resources and remote geographical regions, E-learning holds the key to better education and provide better access to knowledge resources for the student community.

E-learning strategies are increasingly being using in the agriculture education sector in facilitating teaching learning process. TNAU have initiated developing e-learning materials to supplement course materials, enhancing higher order learning skills. When compared to class room teaching, elearning resources enable the learners to study the material at their own pace allowing repetition and revision facilitating a variety of learning styles. Users will also have extended access to information beyond the normal class material. When used effectively, multimedia material can enhance the enjoyment and engagement of learning which allows the user to pay attention for a longer time without feeling bored .  After the e-learning course is hosted in the web, any changes / correction can be made on the server hosting the program to suit their requirement and objectives. Every student in the country  can instantly access the updates such as crops and problems related to that region, latest new product specifications, from any other server worldwide for an on-the-fly update whenever the e-Learning course is run.

Development of eCourses for B.Sc.(Agriculture), a TNAU project funded by NAIP, brings world class faculty and curriculum of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to students of Indian SAUs. Through our state-of-the-art digital technologies, students of B.Sc.(Agriculture) program all over India can access TNAU classes. TNAU creates customized digital learning packages as off-class resource to the students.

Besides this TNAU hosts  video lectures for the B.Sc.(Agriculture) courses from our server- http://www.mms.tnau.ac.in for the student use. In addition TNAU also host the world largest agritech portal. The dynamic portal holds around five lakh pages in Tamil and English with multiple media content. The Portal (http://agritech.tnau.ac.in) has been dedicated to service on 27th Sep, 2009 for the benefit of field extension officials, students and other stakeholders.  

Project PIs:

Prof. R.Venkatachalam
Prof. K.Ilamurugu

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