1. Farm and Home visit

  1. Using natural and easy language with appropriate local dialects
  2. Visiting the remote areas and people hitherto untouched
  3. Reminding the farmers about the recommendation by different ways of  

                  repetitions as a reinforcement technique.

  1. Be prepared to have some specimens, literature, seed samples etc., so that it 

                  can be supplied to the farmers, if need be.

  1. Review previous contacts
  2. Visit a cross section of farmers  so that the  favoritism may be avoided.

2. Office calls

  1. Office room should have a mini-information centre
  2. An alternative technical person must be made available in the absence of the extension worker
  3. Sincere interest must be shown in the visitor's problem. 
  4. Direction sign to extension office must be visible to the farmers.

3. Demonstration

  1. Choose the cooperators carefully
  2. Consider the interest of majority of farmers
  3. Involve the audience in all steps
  4. Organise field days, trips and visits of people to the successful result demonstrations.
  5. Keep records, use the data information generated from the demonstration for success story, photos, slides, radio talk etc.
  6. Rehearse the skill teaching practices to perfect the method demonstrations.
  7. Orient the extension workers towards the steps and techniques of conducting demonstration.
  8. To conduct method demonstrations, divide the practices into different steps and organise in sequence.
  9. Work out cost: benefit ratio and explain about the utility value of the recommended practice.
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